Easysec solutions

Easysec solutions is a pioneer software -defined protection for industrial IOT and control system

stablished in 2018, EasySec Solutions is a privately owned IoT cybersecurity company based in Jerusalem, Israel. EasySec Solutions develops innovative technology specially designed to allow organizations with several million IoT devices and industrial systems to manage their access control and protect them against security threats and illicit access. Our solution enables device manufacturers and network operators to automatically secure existing and new devices without the need for development resources or security expertise.

Website: www.easysecsolutions.com



cryptographic enforcement point, the ThinGuard Shield is critical to ensure that your policies are actually respected and enforced.


In your Customer Space, ThinGuard policy management allow easily to isolate each device individually from the rest of the network and to control who is authorized to access it. Enabling an accurate control on your access control policy reduces radically your surface attack.


Once the access control is in place, all your devices are protected with our cryptographic model from both, external and internal threats. Each illegal attempt to communicate with the connected devices is stopped and reported to your monitoring providing precious information helping to detect cyber-attacks at the very first steps.


You can see in real-time your multi-site and multi-vendor network device, anywhere and at anytime, and you can get a complete mapping of all of your connected devices and security alerts. EasySec deterministic model eliminates the “cry wolf” syndrome increasing the efficiency of the cyberteams.


The Only solution providing access management and cyber protection for your industrial connected devices