Cyber security

The move towards IP-based systems due to technological development exposes the various organizations to the risk of attacks on their Critical infrastructure, these attacks may come from both inner and outer parts of the organization. These are IP-based systems such as security cameras, intercom, LPR cameras, PLC controllers Robots and more are exposed to attacks, we are gradually moving to cities that are much smarter and integrated.  lighting, water, traffic lights, infrastructure, air pollution, digital signage and other systems. Many companies choose to deal with the problem by installing analog systems that are not variable to hackers’ attacks while compromising on quality and performance, other just taking the risk and hoping it will not happen to them. 


TotalSec systems LTD is focusing on this critical segment (OT,ioT and iioT) and provide their customers to most advanced, secure and cost-effective solutions

We are currently representing 3 companies, each one with its own unique solution and we are providing a complete cyber security offering for devices that are installed on the OT segment.  

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